Minimal Miking Master Class Vol. 2



Get GREAT Drum Sounds Anywhere!

Over 90 minutes of comprehensive training!

This Master Class is for:

– Anyone that is recording at home but only has a minimal amount of gear
– Is on a budget and still wants to get great drum sounds
– Just starting out and want to learn techniques that actually work
– New to mixing drums and need tips to get started

What you get in Minimal Miking Master Class Vol. 2:

– Comprehensive analysis of 2, 3 & 4 microphone setups that work!
– Each setup is demoed by drummer extraordinaire Ryan MacMillan
– Musical context with each microphone setup so you hear exactly how it sounds
– Tips on dialing in your kick drum
– Tips to deal with room acoustics
– In-depth discussion on mic placement
– Mixing tips to get the most out of your recorded tracks
– Creative EQ techniques
– Parallel techniques including Compression & Expansion
– Adding ambience to your minimal miked sound
– Creating a room sound without room mics
– Using ambient mics to expand and thicken your sound

Minimal Miking Master Class Vol. 2 is an extremely comprehensive course in getting great drum sounds with a minimal amount of microphones. Charlie breaks down techniques that he has uses on a regular basis and shows you how to do it at home. Drummer Ryan MacMillan joins Charlie to demo each of the setup along with 3 different musical contexts so you get to hear the setups in action!


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COVID-19 Update: Due to safety concerns and the mandate from Los Angeles, we have temporarily stopped in-person sessions.

While we are not conducting in-studio attended session Charlie is still available for mixing, mastering, drum re-amping, bass re-amping, guitar re-amping, video editing, or any other music production work that can be done remotely. Mixing and re-amping sessions are attended via Skype (so we can stay connected). We are booking for June and possibly sooner if conditions permit. If you have any questions please contact us. Stay safe!