Broken Decency Release New EP – “Sin & Filth”

Broken Decency Release New EP – “Sin & Filth”

After recording “Hang Sick” in early 2011 at Ultimate Rhythm Studio the band returned to finish off their EP titled “Sin & Filth” in early fall. “We had a blast recording this EP.” say Engineer/Mixer Charlie Waymire. “The guitar tones on this record are sick, the drums have tons of energy (Moscatelli is Animal!) and Celia sang her ass off!”

Have a listen to the BD’s seriously heavy version of Michael & Janet Jackson’s “Scream”.

Broken Decency will be officially releases “Sin & Filth” today and will be streaming it for a limited time for free on the Broken Decency Soundcloud Page. Sin & Filth is also available on iTunes.

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PDP Releases “Mass Delusion”

100% Heavyocity

PDP - "Mass Delusion"

Los Angeles, CA’s soldiers of Power Groove Metal, P.D.P, have released their debut full length album “Mass Delusion”. This record is 100% pure Heavyocity!

The drums for “Mass Delusion” were tracked at Ultimate Rhythm Studio by drummer Ro Batres. “Ro was absolutely impressive!” says drummer/engineer Charlie Waymire. “This is some crazy heavy, complicated and physically demanding music and we had a very limited amount of time to record drums. Imagine someone saying you have to move a mountain by hand and you only have 3 days. Ro not only killed it but played with more intensity and volume than I’ve ever seen someone play that kind of music. If you like killer riffs and bad ass drums then “Mass Delusion” is for you!”

“Mass Delusion” is available on iTunes

For more on PDP visit them at:

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King Crazy Finish New EP “Unload”

Official Release 5/17/2011

King Crazy - "Unload"

“Unload” is a bit of a departure from their debut release “Hero”. Although both albums are pure, honest rock music; “Unload” is much heavier! With hard driving grooves, in your face guitar riffs and melodic and sometimes angry vocals “Unload” with make the rush hour drive way more enjoyable!

Here’s a preview of the song “Door”:

King Crazy’s “Unload” features:
Brian “Hacksaw” Williams – Vocals
Ernesto Homeyer – Guitars
Charlie Waymire – Drums
Pharaoh Barrett – Bass (on the title track Unload)
Justin Apergis – Bass (on Door)
Ernesto Homeyer – Bass (on Snake)

“Unload” was recorded at Ultimate Rhythm Studio in Hollywood, CA.
Recording Engineers: Charlie Waymire & Ernesto Homeyer
Mixed by: Charlie Waymire
Mastered by: Charlie Waymire & Ernesto Homeyer

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King Crazy Releases “A Rockin’ Christmas” EP

King Crazy Records EP @ Ultimate Rhythm Studio

King Crazy - "A Rockin' Christmas"

King Crazy (featuring Charlie on drums) recorded, mixed and mastered their most recent release “A Rockin’ Christmas” at Ultimate Rhythm Studio. This is one fun Christmas record!

Check out the official press release below.


King Crazy’s heart and soul is a Rock n’ Roll band. Not Glam Rock, not Metal, hell not even Hard Rock. Just good ‘ol straight forward Rock n’ Roll. All of this is what makes “A Rockin’ Christmas” one fun Christmas record! “A Rockin’ Christmas” was recorded, mixed and mastered at Ultimate Rhythm Studio in Hollywood, CA by band members Charlie Waymire and Ernesto Homeyer. “We set out to make a fun, rocking Christmas EP and I think we achieved that goal” says drummer Charlie Waymire.

King Crazy didn’t simply cover a few holiday songs, they put their own twist on them with some clever arrangements, rockin’ guitar riffs, thundering drum grooves, lots of cool vocals and a touch of organ just to top things off. King Crazy’s band members Brian “Hacksaw” Williams (vocals), Ernesto Homeyer (guitar), Menno Verbaten (bass) and Charlie Waymire (drums) are joined by a truly talented cast of musicians including Tony Landers (piano on “White Christmas”), Gary Pritchard (piano & organ on “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree”), Leslie Jones (sax on “White Christmas”) and Nicole Carson & Aubrey Buchanan (all background vocals).

With rockin’ and fun renditions of “Jingle Bell Rock” & “White Christmas”, the groovin’ blues shuffle version of “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree” to the AC/DC-esque track “Winter Wonderland” we’re sure that “A Rockin’ Christmas” will not only be a great addition to your holiday music catalogue but will jump start your holiday office parties too!

It’s time to bust out the Eggnog and crank up the Christmas tunes!

“A Rockin’ Christmas” is available at and

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