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Recording MusicA complete recording solution for artists and bands who desire the best sounds. We do it for you.

Customized HD Videos + Pristine Audio = Content you can build your brand on. We do this for you.

Music MoneyGrow your audience and gain exposure with Live Streaming Concerts. We do this for you too.

We believe EVERYONE deserves great sounding music

Led by Producer/Engineer Charlie Waymire, our team assists artists through the entire creative process
including recording, mixing, mastering, and video production.

Our ultimate goal is to help bands, artists, and music companies build a strong brand for a lasting career.

What our clients have to say...

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Alexx Calise – Batfarm

“Charlie is one of the most talented and hard working producer/engineers I’ve ever worked with. Charlie goes way above and beyond the call of duty, and has helped my band out in so many areas beyond the recording.”

Grant Bogorad - Songwriter Dankrupt

“Easily the best drum sounds in Los Angeles! I have recorded countless records with Charlie and it's always a great experience.”

Debbie Hennessey - Singer Songwriter

"We've recorded here, mixed here, did video of our live cd release show here... You can do anything and everything here. Charlie and his staff are top notch. One of my favorite places to work!"

We provide you the tools and team to build a strong career even AFTER your session!

A recording studio that puts YOU first!

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  • New Live Stream Concert Series
    Live Stream Concert Live music is such an integral part of our everyday lives and although 2020 has stripped us of that. Well the crew at Ultimate Studios, Inc is trying to do our part to bring you amazing sounding music from some amazing independent artists. With most clubs and venues being shut down rightContinue […]
  • Tracking the Band Live w/Argus Roh
    Tracking musicians together, live, in the studio is absolutely one of my favorite things in the world. The energy between players is contagious and it’s so rewarding to hear the music come out of the speakers with a finished quality to it (well almost finished anyway!). We decided to record Argus Roh‘s debut EP live.Continue […]
  • Recording Drums with Bloodfeast Ritual
    Some sessions are brutal and then some sessions are BRUTAL! Metal maniacs Bloodfeast ritual entered the studio to start recording their debut EP. Initially we did 6 days of tracking. 4 for drums and 2 for guitars and bass (they were loooong days!).  The drum sessions were really fun. Tom Tierney brought in his monstrousContinue […]
  • Wiring A Recording Studio: Connecting the Console to the Computer
    I get a lot of questions about how I get sound from the console to the computer. And while every console/mixer is a bit different it’s really a pretty simple setup that I’ll explain in this video (with some cool animations too!) I will also answer a common question I get from some of youContinue […]
  • Mixing Tips! Parallel Compression on Drums
    Quick drum mixing tip!! While minimal miking setups on drums can be very, very effective they can sometimes lack focus or excitement that is needed for modern music production. I want to show you a great way to add some thickness and attitude to any minimally miked drum set. How? With Parallel Compression!! Parallel compressionContinue […]

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HD Video + Pristine Audio = Content you can build your brand on.

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