Recording Bass

Recording the Band – Paracosmic

Recording the Band – Paracosmic

Paracosmic, Recording the band…live!

One of my favorite parts of the music making process is when a band wants to record all together at the same time. Live off the floor. Not only is the energy from the band great but it’s also a challenge from the recording aspect.

Especially when their are 6 band member including drums, bass, 2 guitar players, saxaphone, harmonica, keys, sitar, tabla…and a second bass? Yep!

That is Paracosmic. They are funk, they are rock, they are blues, they are psychedelic and they are heavy on improv. That last part is why recording live is so important for a band like Paracosmic. They feed off each other every second of every song and it’s a lot of fun.

So how did we go about recording this band live here at Ultimate Studios, Inc? Very carefully!

Tracking sheet for Paracosmic live band recording at Ultimate Studios, Inc Los Angeles

We had Brandon Cooke (drums) setup in the live room with 16 mics. To open up some space in the room we decided to record the drums in the corner. Not only do the drums sound great there but it opens up room for the other musicians in the room.

Joining Brandon in the live room was Ashton Slater (guitar), Travis Soto (guitar/bass2) and Leo ‘Toad’ Meginley (bass).

For Toad we had a DI as well as a Mark Bass rig setup in the back room. That allowed Toad to have his tone in his ears as well as options for mixing. Both guitar amps were setup in the ISO booth separated by to 4” thick panels. The ISO is very dead and works well with multiple amps.

So far it’s pretty straight forward but it’s about to get interesting!



In the Control Room

recording sitar with paracosmic at Ultimate Studios, Inc Van Nuys

With need for isolation for the keys, sax and flute Evan Hatfield (sax/keys/sitar) and Adrian Johnson (harmonica/flute) joined me in the control where we tracked them live with the rest of the band. To help get a little extra isolation between the sax and flute we setup a clear sonic shield between them. It worked really well too!

On one of the songs we tracked live sitar and table in the control room too. It was crowded for sure but it allowed the band to play together like they were used to. It sounded great!

Check the band out at – and on the Paracosmic Facebook page.

Learn more about recording at Ultimate Studios, Inc.


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Recording Studio Tools! Charlie’s Favorite Gear.

Recording Studio Tools! Charlie’s Favorite Gear.

Recording Studio Tools! Charlie’s Favorite Gear: Cloudlifter Zi

Recording studio los angeles Cloudlifter Zi

It’s been a while since I’ve had time to shoot some new video for the site. I’m excited to be back talking about some of my favorite recording studio tools. Over the past few months while I’ve been hiding in the studio a lot of cool gear has come through the doors but a few pieces have stood out. The Cloudlifter Zi is one of them.

As a studio owner it’s always beneficial to find gear that is versatile enough to be used in many applications. I need tools that help me get to the sounds I need as quick as I can and that I can use on every session. The Cloudlifter Zi is one of these pieces of gear.

Bass was the first instrument (obviously!) I used it on and man was I happy. Good player+good bass+Zi= great tone! Add in the variably impedance and I’m able to dial in the perfect tone.


Like I said before I like recording studio tools that are versatile. I have used the Zi on quite a few of my drum sessions as well. Quite often I like to put a dynamic mic right in front of the kit pointed at the ceiling and crush it with guitar pedals. The signal chain goes through the Zi and I use the variable impedance and high-pass filter to tweak the tone to taste.

I have done a similar setup with vocals too. Where I have a second mic setup running through a guitar pedal and the Zi.

The Zi has become one of my favorite recording studio tools and I use it on almost every session. Check out the Cloudlifter Zi from Cloudlifter microphones!


Watch Charlie’s new “Favorite Gear” video and be sure to like and subscribe to the Ultimate Studios, inc Youtube Channel!


About Ultimate Studios, Inc

Ultimate Studios, Inc is a full service recording studio, mixing studio and band development resource located in Los Angeles, Van Nuys, North Hollywood, Panorama City, CA 91402

We believe EVERYONE deserves great sounding music!
Ultimate Studios, Inc is a boutique production facility for artists and bands to collaborate, create, and record.

Led by Producer/Engineer Charlie Waymire, our team assists artists through the entire creative process including recording, mixing, mastering, and video production.

At Ultimate Studios, Inc we understand that the recording process is just the beginning. That’s why we have a full team to help you create an online presence with full web development, SEO, advertising coaching and designing for Facebook, YouTube and Google.

Our ultimate goal is to help bands and artists build a strong brand for a lasting career!

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In Session w/Chad Smith!

In Session w/Chad Smith!

Some sessions are fun…and then some sessions are FUN!

Few drummers can lay down a groove like Chad Smith. Few bass players can lay down a groove like Kevin Chown. Together, they form an unstoppable rhythm section. For most musicians watching them work together would be the ultimate educational experience.

They are not only masters at their crafts but they understand that music is made by collaboration. By working together, they create parts they lay the foundation for great music.

Now mix that formidable rhythm section with rock superstar, Tarja Turunen, and you’ve got yourself one hell of an album!

Eagle Eye“, from Tarja’s new album “The Brightest Void“, is a track that features Chad Smith on drums. We filmed the entire session (almost 10 hours!) and have put together an awesome, in-studio, music video feature Chad & Kevin with the final audio from the album!

Tomorrow we’ll roll out some behind the scenes footage from the session so stay tuned!


The Brightest Void
Tarja CD DigipakTarja 1LP+DownloadTarja iTunes


Tarja Turunen
“Eagle Eye”


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Recording with Chad Smith (w/Video)

Recording with Chad Smith (w/Video)

Ultimate Studios, Inc. was recently invaded by Chad Smith and Kevin Chown who were recording for international superstar Tarja Turunen.

Tarja’s music is extremely dynamic with very orchestral arrangements. To match the demands of the music we set Chad up with a late 60’s Rogers Holiday kit with 10″, 12″, 13″ rack toms, 14″ & 16″ floor toms and a 24″ kick. This kit was massive and sounded even more massive!

Working together in Chad Smith’s Bombastic Meatbats, Chad and Kevin have formed one of the most formidable rhythm sections in music. To make this session even better we tracked them together! The way a great rhythm section should be tracked!

“When you have a rhythm section as good as Chad and Kevin they absolutely have to play together. There is simply no other way to do it. Watching them interact with each other in the room and hearing the energy and groove they were creating was simply fantastic. This is exactly why I built Ultimate Studios, Inc!” says engineer Charlie Waymire.

Check out Tarja at: and the Bombastic Meatbats at:

Check out a short video clip from the session.

Awesome day tracking drums and bass with Chad Smith and Kevin Chown yesterday. Awesome rhythm section!

A video posted by @ultimatestudiosinc on


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Tracking w/The Toft ATB Console (w/video)

Tracking w/The Toft ATB Console (w/video)

Engineer Charlie Waymire talks about the fantastic sounding Toft ATB console and why it’s at the heart of Ultimate Rhythm Studios. That’s great but we all know that talk is cheap so Charlie brought in an awesome group of musicians to put the Toft ATB through it’s paces.


The band features Mike Avenaim (Emblem3) on Drums, Mike Torres (Selena Gomez, Macy Gray) on Bass, and James Kloeppel (Deuce) on Guitar. Charlie Waymire was the engineer, Scott Francisco was the videographer, and Lizzy Ostro was the 2nd Engineer. Everything was captured live in the same room including drums, bass, and guitar. The song was also mixed through the Toft ATB.

Charlie installed a Toft ATB 24 channel console to be the heart and soul of Ultimate Rhythm Studios. “I needed a console that not only sounded great but would be flexible enough to be the hub of my studio. The Toft ATB has exceeded my expectations.” says engineer Charlie Waymire.

When you hire great musicians you also get great gear! And this session was no exception. Here’s the breakdown.

Mike Avenaim's 1965 Ludwig Kit

Mike Avenaim's 1965 Ludwig Kit

Mike brought a beautiful set of 1965 Ludwig Super Classics featuring a 14″x22″ kick, 9″x13″ rack tom, & 16″x16″ floor tom. The snare is a 5″x14″ 1959 Ludwig Pioneer Duco Transition Badge.

All the cymbals are Paiste Cymbals including a 14″ Dark Energy Light Hats, 20″ Twenty Masters Dark Crash/Ride, a 22″ Traditional Light Ride, and a 20″ 602 Modern Essentials Crash.

Drum Microphone setup:

Kick In: Heil PR40
Kick Out: Audio Technica AT 4047
Kick 3: Cascade Fathead II (about 3 feet away from the kick)
Snare Top: Audio Technica Pro63
Snare Bottom: Audio Technica AE3000
Hats: Audio Technica ATM450
Toms: Heil PR30’s
Overheads: Audio Technica AT4047’s
Room Mic: Cascade X15 Stereo Ribbon Mic


James Kloeppel's Mesa Boogie Guitar Rig

James Kloeppel's Mesa Boogie Guitar Rig

James’ guitar rig consisted of a 1995 Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier 2 channel with a Mesa Boogie Recto Cab. His axe of choice for the day was a 1980 Gibson Les Paul Standard. Man this thing sounded awesome!

Guitar Mic setup:

1: Audio Technica AE3000 towards the edge of the cone
2: MXL R144 Ribbon mic slightly off the center of the cone





Mike Torres' Ampeg Bass Rig

Mike Torres' Ampeg Bass Rig

Mike Torre’s was rocking a classic Ampeg SVR VR and a 2×12 cabinet topped off with a fantastic sounding Lakland bass. This rig had some serious mojo!

Bass Mic setup:

Audio Technica AE2500 Dual Element microphone (one condenser element and one dynamic element).



Enjoy the full band performance video.


Have a look at some photos from the session. Enjoy!

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Dankrupt Records Debut EP – “Chapter 11 Dankruptcy”

Dankrupt Records Debut EP – “Chapter 11 Dankruptcy”

Reggae outfit Dankrupt, featuring Grant Bogorad (Rhythym Guitar/Vocals), Tony Ward – (Bass), and Tim Canton – (Drums), recently finished recording their debut EP titled “Chapter 11 Dankruptcy”. They’ll be bringing their brand of Reggae, Funk & Latin Rhythms to the masses very, very soon!



“It was a lot of fun working with these guys. Especially on the final tune because we tracked it completely live in the studio. These cats nailed it! I’m really looking forward to the mixing process.” says engineer Charlie Waymire.

The mixing process will start in the next week or two. Check out and the official Dankrupt Facebook page for more info!

A few photos from the sessions!


Dankrupt: Grant (guitar/vocals), Tony (bass), Tim (drums) & producer Tim Pedersen

Dankrupt from the control room

Recording Dankrupt - Grant & Tony in control room

Recording Dankrupt - Grant & Tony in control room

Recording Dankrupt - Tim Canton Tracking Drums

Tim Canton Tracking Drums

Recording Dankrupt - Tim & Tony tracking

Recording Dankrupt - Tim & Tony tracking

Recording Dankrupt - Grant tracking guitar

Recording Dankrupt - Grant tracking guitar

Recording Dankrupt - Charlie in the control room

Recording Dankrupt - Charlie in the control room

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Right Hand Rule Tracks Last Song Of New Album

Right Hand Rule Tracks Last Song Of New Album

The boys in Right Hand Rule were back in the studio this week tracking the final song for their upcoming album. With all the rhythm tracks finished all that’s left is lead guitar, some percussion and vocals. It’s been a long road finishing up this album but it’s definitely going to be worth it!

“Working with Leslie Jones and Right Hand Rule is always a pleasure. He has a group of musicians, that when they play together, have a very unique vibe and sound. Very much like the groups from the 60’s & 70’s where the sum was greater than the parts. To me that is what makes a band unique. When you put a group of musicians together and they create a unique sound that only happens when that group is together. It’s special. says engineer Charlie Waymire

Here are a few links to Right Hand Rule on the net:

Right Hand Rule Facebook Page
Right Hand Rule ReverbNation Page
Right Hand Rule on Twitter

Mo Beeks

Mo Beeks - Keyboards

Rob, Pharaoh, Jones

Rob, Pharaoh & Mr. Jones



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Right Hand Rule Back In The Studio

Leslie Jones

Leslie Jones

It’s been about a year but Right Hand Rule is back at Ultimate Rhythm Studio recording new tracks. Rhythm tracks are in the bag as well as vocals on two tunes. Guitars and sax are coming up next.

“Tracking Right Hand Rule is a lot of fun because the instrumentation varies pretty radically from tune to tune. We have room, and time, to experiment with different mic set ups and sounds which helps create a very interesting sonic landscape. On top of that Mister Jones and crew are really cool people and a lot of fun to work with.” says Charlie.

Here is a little sneak peek video of Mister Jones laying down some percussion parts during the session from this past weekend.

Continue reading to view some photos from the session.

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