Rob Leines Releases New Album “Bad Seed”!

Rob Leines Releases New Album “Bad Seed”!

The new album “Bad Seed” finally here!

Rob Leines’ new album “Bad Seed” is officially available! “Bad Seed” has a raw, Southern rock-outlaw vibe, with the storytelling of classic Country. With high energy-boot stompin tunes, to ballads that make you cry, this album has it all. Fans of outlaw country, classic country and southern rock will definitely LOVE this album!

Over the past few months a lot of blood, sweat, and tears has gone into making this album. Long days, long nights and tons of fun! We are very proud of this album and believe that you all will enjoy listening to it as much as we did making it.

Some of you may have heard the first single “Train Beat” and seen the video for “Heavy Load” (see below), well now you can get the entire album!

There was a great cast of characters involved in making this album:

Rob Leines – Vocals/Guitar/Harmonica
Dan Page – Bass
Felipe Guzman Martinez – Drums
Nick Adams – Drums (Gasoline & Bourbon Blues)
Adam Hall – Dobro/Banjo
Aubrey Richmond – Fiddle
Paul Vallis – Harmonica
Peter Keys – Keys
Alex Calise – Background Vocals
Tita Hutchison – Background Vocals

Produced by Rob Leines & Charlie Waymire
Recorded & Mixed by Charlie Waymire
Mastered by Ernesto Homeyer

Get the album straight from Rob at
or get it on iTunes Here.
You can also stream it on your favorite streaming services.

Watch the video for “Heavy Load”

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Rob Leines Releases New Single “Train Beat”/Album Pre-Order

Rob Leines Releases New Single “Train Beat”/Album Pre-Order

Outlaw Country artist Rob Leines has been hard at work working on his new album “Bad Seed” with producer/engineer Charlie Waymire. Rob’s brand of country has some serious attitude and combines old school story telling, killer guitar playing and great country grooves!

“It’s exciting to finally have the chance to release the first song from Rob’s new album. Rob is a phenomenal talent and I had a wonderful time working on this album with him. Give the single a listen, get your very own copy, and get ready for the full album…it’s going to be exciting!” Charlie Waymire

You can get the first single, “Train Beat”, and save $5 on the full album by pre-ordering today!

Get the single and pre-order the album by clicking here!

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Last Great Nation releases “The Black Pilgrimage”

Last Great Nation releases “The Black Pilgrimage”

It’s time to get HEAVY!

I had the chance to reunite with my Speak No Evil cohort Greg Weiss and House of Zombie 8 string slinger brother Dan Yob to work Last Great Nation’s new release EP “The Black Pilgrimage”. This EP is NOT for the faint of heart. LGN weaves its way through heavy riffs and odd-time signatures while still making it possible to bang your head. It’s incredible really.

We tracked the drums and guitars here at Ultimate Studios, Inc and I had the wonderful privilege of mixing the EP as well. Mastering duties went to my USI partner Ernesto Homeyer.

Greg and Dan are top notch musicians and have written a seriously awesome EP. I was honored to get to work with them and I really hope you all enjoy these songs.

Check Last Great Nation out at:

Buy the EP on iTunes

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Duranbah Release New Album – Runaway

Duranbah Release New Album – Runaway

Duranbah, brothers Lucas Bomeny (drums) & Leonardo Bomeny (guitar/vocals), have released their new album “Runaway“. Joined by T-Bow Chabosson on bass and a guest appearance by Mateus Asato on guitar the Duranbah’s self-produced, sophmore, release is now available on iTunes and soon to be available on CD.

The album was recorded, mixed, and mastered at Ultimate Studios, Inc. by Charlie Waymire & Ernesto Homeyer.

“I had a fantastic time working with Lucas and Leo. They are great guys and have some great songs. They were also very prepared which allowed us to track the majority of the parts live as a band with minimal overdubs. The energy they had in the room was really nice and I think we captured that.” says recording/mixing engineer Charlie Waymire.


For more information visit Duranbah on Facebook
You can listen to the entire album on Soundcloud – Duranbah “Runaway” on Soundcloud
Buy the album on iTunes – Duranbah “Runaway” on iTunes

Enjoy some photos from the sessions below!


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Tita Hutchison Releases “Hello Love”

Tita Hutchison Releases “Hello Love”

I was fortunate to work with one of my dearest friends, Tita Hutchison, on her debut EP “Hello Love”. Throughout the years we’ve worked on many different projects and shared the stage many, many times but this project is the most special to me and I was extremely honored when she asked me to mix “Hello Love”. What I didn’t know then was that it would be so much more than just mixing….

“Hello Love” Available On iTunes

I got to spend about a week and a half mixing, arranging, recording, and re-recording with another one of my best friends Tim Pedersen. We had a blast and did a LOT of experimenting. On two songs we tracked drums using a gorgeous ’67 Rogers drum kit with a 20″ kick, 12″ rack tom, 14″ floor tom, and a 14″ Yamaha Anton Fig snare. Tim let me experiment with some very unconventional micing techniques too. The goal was to capture a sound that fit the emotion of the song with tons of vibe.

Here’s one of the unique setups:

Tim Pedersen recording drums on Tita Hutchison's "Hello Love" at Ultimate Studios, Inc

On the kick we used an SM57. There was no hole in the kick and the 57 gave us a nice punch. We used a pillow against the outside head to make the note nice and short. An Audio-Technica AT4080 ribbon mic as a mono overhead placed above the floor tom, a Shure S55 placed between the rack tom and hi-hat, facing the snare and angled slightly down, and an MXL Cube for a mono room mic. All I can say is WOW! What a cool sound. Tim didn’t use any crashes. He used two rides instead; a Paiste Formula 602 and a Paiste Dark Energy Mark I along with 15″ Paiste Formula 602 hi-hats.

We re-tracked Tita’s vocals on one song too. She is such a fantastic singer and super easy to work with in the studio. We used an Audio-Technica 4060 tube mic going into an Overstayer VCA compressor and GAP Pre73 DLX mic pre. It sounded simply amazing. Of course when you have a great singer recording is easy! 🙂

Tim and I took quite a few chances during the mixing process too. I prefer mixing mostly analog so we had a pretty old school process. We used our hands for automation, we panned things in ways that modern music wouldn’t allow, and we treated mixes likes takes. Doing multiple passes until we got a good one. The entire process was very musically satisfying. I’m very proud of our work and I hope you all enjoy it too.

Tita Hutchison Recording

Tita put a fantastic cast of characters together for “Hello Love”. Michael Thompson on Guitar, Leland Sklar on Bass, Tim Pedersen on Drums (and producing!), Christian Klokovits on Piano, Lao Tizer on Piano, Justin Apergis on Bass, Travis Newlon on Guitar, Tim Mcintyre on Drums, Sahara Thompson on additional backing vocals, Zach Thompson on percussion

I would like to say thank you to Tita and Tim for the opportunity to work with them on Hello Love. I’m really proud of this EP!


More info about Tita and links to purchase “Hello Love”.
Tita’s Facebook page
“Hello Love” on CD Baby
“Hello Love” on iTunes

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Rockin’ Music For Your Christmas Festivities!

Rockin’ Music For Your Christmas Festivities!

King Crazy – “A Rockin’ Christmas” EP!

A Rockin’ Christmas on iTunes!

King Crazy didn’t simply cover a few holiday songs, they put their own twist on them with some clever arrangements, rockin’ guitar riffs, thundering drum grooves, lots of cool vocals and a touch of organ just to top things off.

King Crazy’s band members Brian “Hacksaw” Williams (vocals), Ernesto Homeyer (guitar), Menno Verbaten (bass) and Charlie Waymire (drums) are joined by a truly talented cast of musicians including Tony Landers (piano on “White Christmas”), Gary Pritchard (piano & organ on “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree”), Leslie Jones (sax on “White Christmas”) and Nicole Carson & Aubrey Buchanan (all background vocals).

With rockin’ and fun renditions of “Jingle Bell Rock” & “White Christmas”, the groovin’ blues shuffle version of “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree” to the AC/DC-esque track “Winter Wonderland” we’re sure that “A Rockin’ Christmas” will not only be a great addition to your holiday music catalogue but will jump start your holiday office parties too!

It’s time to bust out the Eggnog and crank up the Christmas tunes!


“A Rockin’ Christmas” is available on iTunes and at CDBaby!

Get yours now!


Check out Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow. Enjoy!

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Raz Azraai Releases New Single! (w/video)

Raz Azraai Releases New Single! (w/video)

Guitarist Raz Azraai has just released his new single “I Feel Alive”. The drums for “I Feel Alive” were recorded at Ultimate Studios, Inc by Stanley Love. Along with Raz Azraai on guitar and Stanley Love on drums the vocal duties were handled by Evan Rodaniche of Cage 9.

Fans of rock and real guitar playing are going to love this track. It’s energy will flat out floor you!



“We had a fantastic time recording drums on this track. Despite the song’s high intensity the vibe in the studio was super laid back and fun. Raz gave Stanley and I plenty of time to find the right drums for the track and ultimately the right tones. Stanley did a fantastic job on the track. I’m looking forward to working with them again!” says engineer Charlie Waymire

“Charlie is very enthusiastic about his work, he knows what to do right away, and make the drums sounds world class. Satisfying experience working with him and Ultimate Studios, the place to record in LA.” says guitarist Raz Azraai


Give yourself a treat and check out the video! For more information on Raz Azraii visit his website at

Here are a few photos from the session!

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“Black Market Hearts” Mastered by Ernesto Homeyer

“Black Market Hearts” Mastered by Ernesto Homeyer

Guitarist extraordinaire Mark Wein’s new album, “Black Market Hearts”, was mastered at URS by Mastering Engineer Ernesto Homeyer. The album was produced by another familiar personality, Scott Francisco.

Mark is an extremely talented guitar player and song writer. His cast of characters on the album are Martin Torres (Bass), Tyler Walton (Drums) and Gary Pritchard (Keyboards) with help from guest artists Tommy Harkenrider (James Harman, Lynwood Slim, Big J McNeely), Scheila Gonzalez (Zappa Plays Zappa) and Sean Billings (Brian Setzer Orchestra).

For more information on Mark Wein please visit

Buy “Black Market Hearts” on iTunes.

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Charlie Plays on New Ryan Higa Parody

Charlie Plays on New Ryan Higa Parody

YouTube sensation Ryan Higa has released another comedy hit titled “GTFO My Room” and commissioned Charlie to play on the track. The song is a parody of all things EMO, was co-written and produced by Andy Lange, and shot straight to the top of the iTunes Comedy chart.

During tracking the gang took some time to film an episode of FullOnDrums to document the drum recording process. Andy Lange (more video from Andy soon!) joins Charlie at Ultimate Rhythm Studios for filming of the episode and gives some details about the song. Enjoy!

Buy GTFO My Room on iTunes

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Adrian Galysh Releases New Album!

Adrian Galysh Releases New Album!

Guitar player extraordinaire Adrian Galysh has released his new solo album “Tone Poet“.

“Tone Poet” features some fantastic players including Todd Sucherman, Philip Bynoe, Mark Boals, and Charlie Waymire. Charlie’s drum tracks were all recorded at his studio, Ultimate Rhythm Studios.

Check out Adrian explaining each track from “Tone Poet” including audio samples.

For more information about “Tone Poet” visit!

“Tone Poet” is available on iTunes



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