Behind the Scenes with Chad Smith

Behind the Scenes with Chad Smith

Yesterday we posted video of Chad & Kevin tracking “Eagle Eye”. Today we bring behind the scenes footage from the session.

As far as sessions go it went pretty smooth. Working with professional musicians like Chad & Kevin make my job as an engineer pretty easy. Kevin and I had talked quite a bit in the weeks leading up to the session so I had a pretty good idea on what type of tones they wanted.

We decided to use a vintage Rogers Holiday kit restored by a good friend of mine Kurt Berger and drum whisperer Chris Heuer. It is a truly amazing drum set. I love all of my kits but that kit just has the “it” factor. It really is amazing.

Kevin brought his Mark Bass rig which is a piece of cake to record. Although Kevin could make any bass rig sound good the Mark Bass is bad ass.

All in all this was a really fun day in the studio. Tarja joined us via Skype from Buenos Aires and stayed on for the entire session. Once we’d get a track we would also send them an MP3 to listen to. This is one of the great ways that technology has made our lives better. It was an international session!

Tarja is a wonderful person and an amazing artist. Check the new album out at Links to purchase the album are below.

Anyway let’s get to the video! I’ll post a full list of the mics used and a few photos below too.




The Brightest Void
Tarja CD DigipakTarja 1LP+DownloadTarja iTunes


Microphone List

  • Kick In: MXL A55 kicker
  • Kick Out: Studio Projects CS5
  • Snare Top: SM57
  • Snare Bottom: SM57
  • Snare Side: Cascade Fathead II
  • Hats: Audio-Technica ATM450
  • Rack Toms: Heil PR30
  • Floor Toms: Audio-Technica AT4047
  • Ride: Audio-Technica ATM450
  • Overheads: Audio-Technica AT4060 Tube Mics
  • Mono Room: Cascade Knucklehead Ribbon Mic
  • Stereo Rooms: Audio-Technica AT4080 Ribbon Mics
  • Stereo Wide Rooms: Audio-Technica AE3000

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    In Session w/Chad Smith!

    In Session w/Chad Smith!

    Some sessions are fun…and then some sessions are FUN!

    Few drummers can lay down a groove like Chad Smith. Few bass players can lay down a groove like Kevin Chown. Together, they form an unstoppable rhythm section. For most musicians watching them work together would be the ultimate educational experience.

    They are not only masters at their crafts but they understand that music is made by collaboration. By working together, they create parts they lay the foundation for great music.

    Now mix that formidable rhythm section with rock superstar, Tarja Turunen, and you’ve got yourself one hell of an album!

    Eagle Eye“, from Tarja’s new album “The Brightest Void“, is a track that features Chad Smith on drums. We filmed the entire session (almost 10 hours!) and have put together an awesome, in-studio, music video feature Chad & Kevin with the final audio from the album!

    Tomorrow we’ll roll out some behind the scenes footage from the session so stay tuned!


    The Brightest Void
    Tarja CD DigipakTarja 1LP+DownloadTarja iTunes


    Tarja Turunen
    “Eagle Eye”


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    Live Streaming Master Class Performance!

    Live Streaming Master Class Performance!

    We’ve been live streaming some great education Master Classes this month! Guitar improv, drum recording, blues guitar & bass, and we have much more coming up.

    Here’s a little excerpt from our live Blues Improv Master Class with Ernesto Homeyer and Jesse Stern.

    There is much more to come and we’re broadcasting every Wednesday at 6pm and Saturday at 12pm for the month of May!

    Don’t miss an event, visit: to stay in the loop!!

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    The Adventures of Annie & Ben

    The Adventures of Annie & Ben

    A new kids web series from Hooplakidz, “The Adventures of Annie & Ben“, is an instant hit. Just 10 days after release the first 3 episodes have garnered 200,000 views!

    Written by Dennys McCoy & Pamela Hickey and Produced by Anu Javeri, “THE ADVENTURES OF ANNIE AND BEN” is a funny, happy, friendly show about three really great, loyal friends. They like adventure, travel, making new friends, and music. All four subjects meld together perfectly with our trio of globe-trotters.

    The Voice Over cast is absolutely amazing. Annie is read by Anu Javeri, Ben is read by John Biondolillo, and Mango and most of the other characters are read by Gerard Marzilli


    The Voices were recorded by Engineer Charlie Waymire at Ultimate Studios, Inc and YouTube studios.

    If you have kids then these links are for you!

    Adventures of Annie & Ben on Hooplakidz
    Adventures of Annie & Ben on YouTube


    Adventures of Annie & Ben Trailer


    Recording Voice Over for Hooplakidz the Adventures of Annie & Ben

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    Drum Cover Killer Video Package

    Drum Cover Killer Video Package


    Book Your Drum Cover Session Today!

    There is no doubt that having killer looking and sounding video is an absolute must in today’s music business. We’re not talking iPhone video. We’re talking fantastic looking video that grabs peoples attention and gets you the recognition that you deserve.

    How many videos have you seen that are literally inaudible? LOTS! We’re here to end that. At Ultimate Studios, Inc we take great pride in recording the best sounding drums in LA and that’s just what we’ll do for you. Producer/Engineer Charlie Waymire is one of the best in LA when it comes to drum sounds and, being a drummer himself, takes great pride in helping drummers achieve the sounds they have always dreamed of.

    To help you promote yourself we have put together a killer 4 hour studio package that will give you exactly what you need to build your drumming portfolio and show prospective employers your skills. If this sounds like what you need then it’s time you contacted us!

    Call us at: (818) 308-4553 or
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    for details and to set up your Drum Cover Killer Video Package session today!


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    Host Live Studio Concerts, Release Parties, & V.I.P Events

    Host Live Studio Concerts, Release Parties, & V.I.P Events

    At Ultimate Studios, Inc we believe in giving bands and artists everything they need to build a long and lasting career. We are uniquely setup as a recording studio that is geared towards the modern music business by offering not only the best in audio recordings but HD video as well.

    Continue reading →

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    Behind The Scenes – Drum Recording Ninja Workshop

    Behind The Scenes – Drum Recording Ninja Workshop

    Go behind the scenes of the Drum Recording Ninja Workshops. This video is from a live Periscope broadcast and was shot just prior to our latest Drum Recording Ninja Workshop. For this workshop Charlie was joined by his cohort Scott Francisco and drummer extraordinaire Jeff Bowders.

    The Drum Recording Ninja Workshops are for ANYONE that is interested in recording drums. Topics that are covered include tuning tips, mic types and choosing the right mics, overhead techniques, room micing techniques, minimal micing techniques, and much, much more. Our goal is to show you techniques that you can use on your very next session!

    For those of you who haven’t attended a workshop yet we would like to give you a little behind the scenes look at the setup. We have fun at these workshops and so does everyone that attends. Below are a few photos plus the input list for the workshop.

    Enjoy and we hope to see you at the next workshop!



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    In Session w/Adam Moseley (w/video)

    In Session w/Adam Moseley (w/video)

    Producer Adam Moseley was in the studio working with the band Beck Black. Adam is an amazing producer with a long history of working with some of the biggest artists in the music business dating back to the hay day at Trident Studios in London.

    During this session we chronicled Adam while he talks about his recording philosophies and why he likes the new Trident 88 console. He brought a fantastic band, Beck Black, and recorded them live.

    The band consists of Beck Black (vocals/keys), Adam Alt (drums), and Mo (guitars).

    There was a LOT of video recorded for this session that will be released in the near future by Trident Audio Developments that will feature reviews with Adam as well has recording techniques and a performance by the band. We’ll keep you posted about the release of the video.

    In the meantime enjoy some photos and a quick behind the scenes video from Charlie.


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    Recording with Chad Smith (w/Video)

    Recording with Chad Smith (w/Video)

    Ultimate Studios, Inc. was recently invaded by Chad Smith and Kevin Chown who were recording for international superstar Tarja Turunen.

    Tarja’s music is extremely dynamic with very orchestral arrangements. To match the demands of the music we set Chad up with a late 60’s Rogers Holiday kit with 10″, 12″, 13″ rack toms, 14″ & 16″ floor toms and a 24″ kick. This kit was massive and sounded even more massive!

    Working together in Chad Smith’s Bombastic Meatbats, Chad and Kevin have formed one of the most formidable rhythm sections in music. To make this session even better we tracked them together! The way a great rhythm section should be tracked!

    “When you have a rhythm section as good as Chad and Kevin they absolutely have to play together. There is simply no other way to do it. Watching them interact with each other in the room and hearing the energy and groove they were creating was simply fantastic. This is exactly why I built Ultimate Studios, Inc!” says engineer Charlie Waymire.

    Check out Tarja at: and the Bombastic Meatbats at:

    Check out a short video clip from the session.

    Awesome day tracking drums and bass with Chad Smith and Kevin Chown yesterday. Awesome rhythm section!

    A video posted by @ultimatestudiosinc on


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