New Recording Studio Trailer!

New Recording Studio Trailer!

New Ultimate Studios, Inc Recording Studio Trailer

Recording, Mixing, Mastering, Video Production. Yes of course we do all of these things. Ultimate Studios, Inc is a full service recording studio in Los Angeles. Continue reading →

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Dankrupt releases new video single!

Dankrupt releases new video single!

Recording Drums with Dankrupt!

Once again I’m very honored to work with my friends in Dankrupt. In one form or another I’ve worked with them since the very beginning and it has been fun to watch them grow as band. Continue reading →

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New Single from Rikki – “Young Love”

New Single from Rikki – “Young Love”

I once again had the pleasure of working with singer Rikki mixing her new single. Rikki has a wonderful voice and this song has a cool retro type vibe. The arrangement is simple and fun. Perfect for Rikki’s playful melodies.

Give it a listen below and support upcoming artists by purchasing at iTunes or streaming as many times as you can! 🙂


Get “Young Love” at Apple, Amazon, or Google.

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Roswell Pro Audio “Little Wing” & Drum Videos

Roswell Pro Audio “Little Wing” & Drum Videos

What is better than recording great musicians with great microphones? Nothing!

Roswell Pro Audio is a boutique microphone company based in northern California. They make a couple really nice microphones; The Delphos and the Mini K47.

Matthew at Roswell contacted me about producing a few videos to showcases what these two mics on drums and with a full band. This was my first full experience with these mics and let me just say that they sound fantastic! Drums, bass, guitar, vocals, you name it, they were great.

The first video we put each mic to the test on drums and tracked a few really cool minimal mic setups. Check it out below and here for yourself.


As much fun as it was to produce the drum video Matthew wanted to get a video with a full band. In other words he wanted to make some music! For this I enlisted the help of some of my favorite musicians. Glen Sobel (Alice Cooper) on drums, Ric Fierabracci (Blood Sweat and Tears, Chick Corea) on bass, Jeffery Marshall (Alan Parsons Project) on guitar, Alexx Calise (Batfarm) and Jude Crossen on vocals.

This was really fun recording session and video shoot. How could it be anything else when you have the most amazing musicians on the planet! This video also showcases the versatility of the Roswell Pro Audio microphones. Don’t take my word for though. Check out the video below.


Learn more about Roswell Pro Audio at

Need video production? We specialize in helping artists, bands, musicians and music manufacturers get the video content you need to promote your brand in today’s market. Contact us for consultation. More info here.

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Last Great Nation releases “The Black Pilgrimage”

Last Great Nation releases “The Black Pilgrimage”

It’s time to get HEAVY!

I had the chance to reunite with my Speak No Evil cohort Greg Weiss and House of Zombie 8 string slinger brother Dan Yob to work Last Great Nation’s new release EP “The Black Pilgrimage”. This EP is NOT for the faint of heart. LGN weaves its way through heavy riffs and odd-time signatures while still making it possible to bang your head. It’s incredible really.

We tracked the drums and guitars here at Ultimate Studios, Inc and I had the wonderful privilege of mixing the EP as well. Mastering duties went to my USI partner Ernesto Homeyer.

Greg and Dan are top notch musicians and have written a seriously awesome EP. I was honored to get to work with them and I really hope you all enjoy these songs.

Check Last Great Nation out at:

Buy the EP on iTunes

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The Music Chamber Toys For Tots Benefit 2016

The Music Chamber Toys For Tots Benefit 2016

Ultimate Studios, Inc hosted the annual Music Chamber Toys For Tots benefit concert on December 8. We had a packed house and a great broadcast!

This year’s artists were Cage 9, Robbery Inc., and Little Empire. 3 amazing sets of music with a wonderful, and very lively audience!

There is still a little time left to donate and help bring a little joy to some children in need. Go to the Toys for Tots website to make a donation!

We’re rolling out the first videos from the concert starting with a great performance by Cage 9. Enjoy!



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Great Gear Under $400 PT1: Mics & Drums

Great Gear Under $400 PT1: Mics & Drums



The size of the price tag is not necessarily the way to judge how good a piece of gear will sound. Or if it will do what you actually need it to do.

I pick gear with only 1 thing in mind…..

‘Will this piece of gear do the job I need it to do’.

That’s it.

I have inexpensive gear right next to my expensive gear, and it all works. In PT1 of “Great Gear Under $400” I want to show you a few pieces of gear, that I use all the time, that are under $400. I’m starting with microphones and the drum set.

This is an excerpt from one of the live broadcasts that got a LOT of attention. I know a lot of you are on a budget. That’s why I did this broadcast, to give you some inexpensive options to add to your studio gear.

Enjoy the video and drop me a line to let me know what gear you dig that is under $400!

Happy recording,


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