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Recording MusicA complete recording solution for artists and bands who desire the best sounds. We do it for you.

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We believe EVERYONE deserves great sounding music

Led by Producer/Engineer Charlie Waymire, our team assists artists through the entire creative process
including recording, mixing, mastering, and video production.

Our ultimate goal is to help bands, artists, and music companies build a strong brand for a lasting career.

What our clients have to say...

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Tim Pedersen recording drums on Tita Hutchison's "Hello Love" at Ultimate Studios, Inc
Tim Pedersen – Drummer & Producer

“I’ve never worked with anyone before this that can get exactly the sounds you ask for. Somehow I can say, “can you make it more orange” and up comes the sound I’m looking for.”

Grand Bogorad - Dankrupt
Grant Bogorad - Songwriter Dankrupt

“Easily the best drum sounds in Los Angeles! I have recorded countless records with Charlie and it's always a great experience.”

Debbie Hennessey at Ultimate Studios, Inc
Debbie Hennessey - Singer Songwriter

"We've recorded here, mixed here, did video of our live cd release show here... You can do anything and everything here. Charlie and his staff are top notch. One of my favorite places to work!"

We provide you the tools and team to build a strong career even AFTER your session!

A recording studio that puts YOU first!

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  • Drum Room Miking – Using The Wall!
    Using a wall for Drum Room Miking I LOVE experimenting with drum room miking. I also love finding techniques that can work in any room, provide some extra vibe and give me extra options during mix down. That to me is a win win! In our last window we used an amp to create aContinue […]
  • Recording the Band – Paracosmic
    Paracosmic, Recording the band…live! One of my favorite parts of the music making process is when a band wants to record all together at the same time. Live off the floor. Not only is the energy from the band great but it’s also a challenge from the recording aspect. Especially when their are 6 bandContinue […]
  • Our Dying World New Single Release!
    Los Angeles Metal Band Our Dying World New Single Release – “Post Mortem” Los Angeles thrash masters Our Dying World have released their debut single “Post Mortem”. With aggressive guitar riffs, thunderous drums and vocals that will make you scream at the top of your lungs “Post Mortem” pays homage to old school thrash andContinue […]
  • King Crazy Release New Christmas Album
    “A Rockin’ Christmas” by King Crazy A rockin’ and deliciously fun Christmas EP. A little rock, a little roll with a touch of blues and you have one fun Christmas party record. King Crazy’s “A Rockin’ Christmas” gets a facelift with a re-mix and re-master by Charlie Waymire and Ernesto Homeyer. Featuring 5 iconic ChristmasContinue […]
  • Jeff Dewbray Films New Drum Covers!
    Drummers Promote Yourself with Professional Drum Covers Drummer Jeff Dewbray was recently in the studio to shoot a series of drum covers. He picked 3 songs that really show off his drumming and he nailed the performances! Jeff is a really good player with great energy and is a super great guy. We had aContinue […]

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HD Video + Pristine Audio = Content you can build your brand on.

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